The National Theatre ” Sterija “

The theatre-insideIn September 1972, Vršac staged three comedies which were performed by the students of the National School run by Mr Krekic MA. This date is considered the official date of the beginning of theatrical life in Serbia. In the course of the 19th century certain German Theatres from Timisoara as well as different travelling troupes of professional actors from Vienna, Budapest and Arad began to perform in Vršac.

An amateur troupe named ” The Dilettantish Theatrical Troupe ” was founded in Vršac in 1844, and in 1880 there was founded ” The Dilettantish Association “.

The first theatre building in Vršac was built in 1896, under the aegis of the Aleksandrovic brothers. Even today, this is the place where the Sterija National Theatre performs.

The Sterija National Theatre is the oldest still operating professional theatre in Vršac. It opened on January 2, 1945, and its first performance – ” A Niggard ” by Jovan Sterija Popović – was staged on February 10, 1945.

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