Natural Richness of Municipality Kovin

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DanubeIn Kovin municipality two most attractive tourist zones meet, the biggest desert in Europe and the biggest river in Europe, ” Peščara ” and ” Podunavlje “ .
The amount of 63 % of the total area of Deliblatska Peščara belongs to the Kovin municipality, i. e. 220 km2. The whole area of the Peščara features the variety of flora and the mosaic of different ecosystems. In the rich flora there is present a substantial number of rare and endemic steppe and desert species as well as medical and aromatic herbs ( 162 species of growing wild medical herbs ) .


For its manner of genesis and its specific dune relief, rare flora, preserved and complex ecosystems, nearly all area of the Peščara is under protection as the natural reserve. The variety of forest flora, the Danube’s alluvial plains, pool flora, favorable climate conditions provide the right conditions for a number of species of fury and feathery game: deer, roe deer, wild pig, rabbit wolf, fox, stone and pine marten, muskrat pheasant, partridge, wild pigeon, turtledove, quail, wild duck, wild goose, heron, snipe …  Deer in Deliblatska peščara are extremely valuable and of high qauality and they represent major specimens. Furthermore, there is also tour species of eagles in the Peščara.

Besides Peščara Kovin municipality is rich in waters. Except the river Danube which runs through the Kovin municipality in the length of 46 km, there are beautiful lakes arid pools rich in fish, and whish also provide the habitat for a number of species of birds. For its beauty and attraction stand out: the Kraljevac lake, the Black pool, the Provalija lake, the Šljunkara lake, the ” Dubovački rit ” and the Dunavac. This waters are the habitat for many species of fish, such as: carp, pike, sheatfish, perch, chub, sturgeon, bream, tench …

The Kraljevac lake is placed on the west from the place of Deliblato. The special value of this lake is its ” floating islands ” .  Besides this the Deliblato lake, as it is often called, is one of the most popular destination for sport fishing.

The Black pool is placed on the north – east of the town Kovin, and it is one of the oldest hydro – accumulation stations in Vojvodina.

The Provalija lake is located 15 km south – west from the Kovin and it is connected with Danube.

The Šljunkara lake is located 2, 5 km east from the Kovin. It is an attractive swimming destination with very dear water, pebble beaches, lawn court for small football, children playground and little restaurant.

The Dunavac is a branch of the Danube 1, 5 km long, a direct access to the Europe’ s biggest and most important river. At the bank there are the remaining of the ancient Roman fortress, where is also the Hotel ” Grad ” and the model of the Danube on its flow through Serbia. The Danube made several islands on its flow: Smederevsko, Žarkovačko, Stojkovo and Dubovačko island.

The tourist destination ” Čardak “ with accommodation capacities, is located in the forest part of the Deliblatska Peščara, only few kilometers away from the village Deliblato. It consist of several pavilions and bungalows, courts for small sports. Since the 80s of the last century .This has been the favorite picnic site for the people of Kovin.

Besides the Čardak and the Šljunkara lake one of the favorite picnic sites is ” The Upper Forest ” with court for small football.

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