The “Jugovo” excursion site

5 km from the city center, on the right bank of the Danube ( on the Belgrade – Smedervo road ), is the ” Jugovo “ excursion site, with a swimming pool, tennis, courts, fitnes track, sports courts, restaurants and children’ s playgrounds. All of these offer opportunities for recreation and an active vacation.

The thermal waters of Jugovo, at a depth from 746m to 862m, and a temperature of 66 degrees Celsius, increased mineral content and high salinity that give it a flavor of seawater, represent a local potential for the development of spa tourism.
This is the place where, on his return from Italy in 1806, Dositej Obradović set foot on the land of free Serbia. He left behind the following words about Jugovo : ” Ah, my brothers! How short my whole seems, now that I’ ve seen the Smederevo landscapes! One can see here that not even the Turks were deprived of good taste. They stayed with the Serbs, to be ruled by them, just to avoid giving up all this beaty “.

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