Smederevo’ s Autumn

Many events take place in Smederevo during the whole year and certainly the most important of them is ” Smederevo’ s autumn ” . This touristic and business manifestation take place every year at the end of September, it is devoted to fruits of autumn ( fruits, grapes and vine) with carnival of medieval knights and a rich cultural and artistic program. One cannot talk about Smederevo without mentioning ” Smederevka ” , one of leading autochthonous types of grapes from Smederevo’s vineyard.

Presence of vines on Smederevo’ s area date from ancient history. Illyrian, Thracians and Celtic tribes were raising grapes in these areas before the arrival of Roman conquerors who forbid raising grapes in provinces on Balkan during the emperor Domician ( 56 – 96. A. D. ) . Marcus Aurelius Valerius Prob ( 276 – 282. ) abolished this prohibition and started, with soldiers from his legions to plant vines again on these areas. After the prohibition, numerous conquers and wars, viticulture and growing of Smederevka still keep the Smederevo’s tradition. Many people wrote about smederevo’ s grapes and wines but the name Smederevka as the name of the brand can be found in written sources from the 19th century. From 1879 merchants from European countries are buying wine from Smederevo and then selling it in Switzerland, France and other countries.

In 1882 on World Fair in Bordeaux, wines from Smederevo received significant recognition. Winegrowers from Smederevo still keep the tradition of growing Smederevka and still produce quality wines that can be tasted in their cellars.

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