Plana Demo Fest

Plana Demo FestPLANA DEMO FEST is a festival in which young people and his musical groups present his authorial music. The aim of the festival is to popularize the music of creation and promotion of music and cultural norms of the new generation.

The desire is to create a space in which gifted young people from Serbia have the opportunity to create their creativity and to find the way to the audience and at the same time back rock scene and culture in general to the place that had earlier.

PLANA DEMO FEST is organized in the House of Youth. Cooperation with other youth festivals that are organized across the borders of Serbia would like to become a springboard for our bands and performances outside the borders of Serbia. The first step is to create groups of  BLACK GEORGE , which is win on the PLANA DEMO FEST in 2008 participation on the BYF. 2009. group DRUGO RODJENJE is represented Serbia in project YES on BYF- Balkan Youth Festival

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