Petrovac na Mlavi

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  • Municipality: Petrovac on Mlava river
  • Postal code: 12300
  • Area code: (+381) 12

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Community Petrovac na Mlavi is located in Eastern Serbia, in county Branicevo.His spread 654.9 km2.By the census in this community lives 45 706 inhabitants ( Serbian and Vlahian origin ) . City Petrovac as the center of community, has 8 772 inhabitant.

Relief is presented with hills and plains.
Climate is moderate continental.
Hidrography is represented by river Mlava with her fributeries.

This community is tich with different animal and herbal species.

You will wake up with scent of freshcut hay, green grass, newlaid flour and get to sleep with sound of shepherds flute and landseape of beautifull sunset at the end of the day. You will enjoy in shores of Mlava – one of the purest river in the country, natural and healthy food, clean air and worm hospitality of locals.

You will find spiritual piece in monasteries which are hidden in bosom of mountains and mystic in old customs and crafts.

Magic will erase frontier between dream and reality and at the end of the day you will remain delighted with Homolje…

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