Rača Copying School

Starting from Rača Monastery, you can reach Lađevac spring and the remains of Rača copying school at Banja, following a two – kilometer long marked track up the right bank of the river Rača. The first third is macadam which goes past the storehouses and meadows belonging to the monastery and the river itself, to …

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Memorial Kadinjača

Among other monuments around Užice, one in particular is worth seeing – Memorial on Kadinjača ( 14 km towards west from Užice ). The memorial is dedicated to the troops of Workers Battalion from Užice, the Posavec and the Orasans, who scarified their lives on 29th November 1941. by protecting the retreat of the main …

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The Smederevo Fortress

By order of Despot Ðurad Branković began in 1428, at the mouth of the rivers Jezava and Danube, at the very north of the country, the building of the Smederevo fortress, which became the seat of Serbian secular and clerical authorities of the time. Enormous quantities of stone necessary for the construction were dragged from …

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