Come to the teferič

Residents of Sjenica have been organizing meetings to celebrate their tradition and ethnic heritage, known as Teferič, ever since they can remember, and always on a certain day in the same place in Vrele, Karajukića Bunari, Trijebine, Cetanovići, Štavalj. As soon as one Teferič is over, preparations immediately been for another and it is eagerly …

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Gifts of the Lim

The invitation ” Come to the River “ on the first weekend in August opens the tourist manifestation called ” The Gifts of the Lim “ and attracts a large crowd of citizens from Prijepolje and other guests. On that day the Memorial Tournament ” Radomir Lale Moračanin ” in beach – volley, then rafting …

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Regatta on the river Lim

Rafting from the spring of the Lim out of Plavsko Lake to the mouth of the river Mileševka into the river Lim in a section 130 km long. The rafting lasts for three days. The first stage is from Plav to Berane, the second Berane – Bijelo Polje and the third one from Bijelo Polje …

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Komaran Kosia

A continuation of a race of the former wedding wagons that were used to drive the bride and the fastest ones received gifts. The race rallies thousand of citizens from surrounding towns in the North of Montenegro and from Bosnia and Hertze-govina too. The race is held on the 1, 300 m long path above …

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International Pancevo Carnival

At the point where the Tamiš river flows into the Danube, on the coast where they hear the tamburitza music, the gate of Banat, Pancevo had grown – the capital of beer making, old crafts, powerful center of industry, the city with a long tradition and culture – the carnival city. International Pancevo Carnival is …

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Ethno Festival

Ethno Festival of the Eastern Serbia –  EFES is a summer manifestation that gathers a large number of tourists and visitors. Starting with the food and drink, handcraft products of the local people, to several days’ long entertainment which is provided by numerous folk – dance ensembles and popular singers and groups.

The Golden Churn of Djerdap

The Golden Churn of Djerdap is a sport fishing manifestation which has been living for 27 years. Every year, the fishing village Tekija is ready to host fishermens and beside a good catch it guarantees good time and good fun. You won’ t miss out on the Miss Wet T – shirt pageant, and we …

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Theatre Festival

Since 1993 in Vršac is been helding international theater festival ” Vršac theatrical autumn “. The festival has paarticipated 117 performances from the country and abroad. Vršac theater autumn is held every year in November.

The Wreath Of Vršac

International Folk Festival ” The Wreath of Vršac “ is traditionally held in July. So far the fesfival has hosted ensembles from Greece, Spain, India, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Italy, Romania, Macedonia, Mexico, Canada, Moldova, Georgia, Russia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Lithuania and Serbia. ” The  Wreath of Vršac “ festival attracts tourists from …

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Vršac Grape Harvest

Grape Harvest is the oldest such event in Serbia. It has a very long tradition because grapes have been grown here since the time of the Romans and Dacians to the present day. Traditionally, every year, on the third weekend in September Vršac stages an event called ” The Grape Ball ” . During this …

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Drina’ s Regatta

Drina’s Regatta is the oldest tourist – recreational event on the river Drina. To commemorate the ancient tradition od Drina’ s rafters, Municipalitie of Bajina Bašta and STC ” Bajina Bašta ” oganize this traditional event for 17 years. Regatta is the most visited summer event on the water in western and central Serbia. It …

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Plana Demo Fest

PLANA DEMO FEST is a festival in which young people and his musical groups present his authorial music. The aim of the festival is to popularize the music of creation and promotion of music and cultural norms of the new generation. The desire is to create a space in which gifted young people from Serbia …

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For decades, the Belgrade International Theater festival ( BITEF ) has been the pride and joy of Belgrade as a unique expression of culture. Transcending cultural lines, BITEF has survived a series of social and political upheavals. It remains the symbol of Serbia’ s revolutionary spirit. Beyond the festival, the theater building is a must …

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