Gifts of the Lim

The invitation ” Come to the River “ on the first weekend in August opens the tourist manifestation called ” The Gifts of the Lim “ and attracts a large crowd of citizens from Prijepolje and other guests.

On that day the Memorial Tournament ” Radomir Lale Moračanin ” in beach – volley, then rafting on the river Lim, the selection of the best fish soup and a very special event of this manifestation the so – called  ” Zetovijada ” are also held. Namely, each year among 1,700 sons – in – law, married to women from Prijepolje, living both in Serbia and other parts of the world is to be chosen the one is chosen who will win the title of ” the best son – in – law of Prijepolje ” for successfully fitting into the local environment and his respect for the customs of Prijepolje.

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