Prijepolje – The spring of adrenalin

Region of Prijepolje provides different possibilities for extreme sports. Mountaineering has a long tradition here. It is also important to mention the fact that Prijepolje is the only town in the range from Belgrade to Nikšić that has Mountain Rescue Service.

You can experience wonderful moments while walking mountain paths marked along 100 km. The tall and supple relic plant- Pančić’s spruce ( Pančićeva omorika ) rises above the rocky riverbed of Mileševka. Another symbol of the wilderness of the canyon is the Griffon Vulture ( Beloglavi Sup), which nests in Orlovača cave, in the canyon. Reason for survival of these two species in this region is also a reason enough for you to choose this place for your vacation and live healthy for awhile.

Paragliding is one of the sports that will for sure raise your adrenaline. Prijepolje provides ideal conditions for this sport – there are several uplifts. You can test your courage here and give yourself an opportunity for landscape viewing from up above – that way you would have unique chance to ” have the world underneath your feet “ at least for a moment.

RaftingAnother thing that makes Prijepolje proud of it and the thing that provides nice conditions for fishing sports is river Lim. Parts of Lim where the river is calm are ideal for fishing, while the canyon is fitting for rafting.

Agile river cataracts are ideal for this sport. You should take your courage, enter the boat and try to chasten the wild river. If you try this once, you probably will come again, because this adventure would make you feel as a winner.

Despite being wild, Lim is the river that would get under your skin.

In Prijepolje, you can do camping, climbing, orienteering, mountain bike riding, etc. You can find all you need here. If you never dared to try any of extreme sports, our ideal conditions and beautiful landscapes would make you want to do so.

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