National Museum Užice

National museumNational Museum presents monument that was since the day it was founded placed in two separate buildings, built just before the Second World War for the needs of National Bank.

In these buildings, in the autumn of 1941 the general headquarters of NOPOJ and the Central Committee of KPJ were placed there, and underground, in the rooms of so – called ” Trezor ” ( vaults ) , was the public shelter and partisan ammunition and arms factory.


Museum was founded in 1947 and the activities were based on collecting and studying material significant for cultural and political history of the town and surrounding. Today there are about 70.000 musicological units in the collections and depots of this museum. The buildings of national Museum are under protection of the government as an estate of cultural significance. The visitors can see two permanent museum exhibitions and the Legacy of the painter Mihailo Milovanović, and from time to time there are interesting thematic exhibitions. The Display of Museum of Uprising of 1941 scopes the period from March 1941 in Yugoslavia till the fall of Republic of Užice. The permanent exhibition Užice Foundation and Development includes period since pre –   history up to the modern times.

Legacy of the painter Mihailo Milovanović, the first academy painter from Užice, includes 15 paintings ( oil on canvas ), photographs, documents, medals and the parts of the home furniture from the heritage of the Milovanovićs family. For this Legacy, national Museum Užice was awarded the greatest museum award – prize Mihailo Valtrović.

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