The Arilje winter joys – The manifestation is organised by the Comission for Drug Abuse Prevention. It takes place during the winter school holiday ( January – February ) .
Film matinees, film marathon, theatrical performances, sport tournaments ( volleyball, basketball, chess, badminton, archery, table – tennis ) , ski school, painting workshop, Internet workshop, quizzes, masked ball are some of the organised activities.

Coloring Easter eggs – The children’ s event organised by Municipal Committetee for the prevention of substance abuse and childrens kindergarten. Held traditionally on the Main street of ten years back. This is art workshop in wich children express their creativity in painting eggs. After organizing the exhibition of painting eggs.
At the same time to organize discussions on the topic of tradition, Christianity and the symbolish painting eggs.

The May Culture Days – The manifestation is organised by the Arilje National Library.
It is being held during the last week of May in the time of the City’ s feast ( May 28 ) in the City Gallery, Sokolski Dom and outdoors, in the center of the town. Art shows, literary and theatrical shows ( both professional and amateur ) , music shows, film projections, paintings and sculpture exhibitions are being organised.

Children’ s Theatre Festival – The manifestation is organised by the Arilje National Library. It is held on May, 21 and 22 in Arilje’ s Sokolski Dom. The representatives from all the schools from the municipality of Arilje, theatrical groups from elementary schools, highschool and Arilje Kindergarden participate in the manifestation. The jury consisting of three members evaluates the performances and individual acting talent.

Brekovo outdoor folk partyBrekovo outdoor folk party – The manifestation is organised by the Arilje National Library and amateur singing group The First sunflower seed from Brekovo.
It takes place at the end of September or at the beginning of October.

It includes shows performed by male and female vocal groups, Cultural Artistic Association, brass orchestra, flutists, solists and duets.

Review of the Amateur Creative work of the Zlatibor County – Work of the Zlatibor County – the manifestation is organised by the Arilje National Library. It takes place in October in the City Gallery. It gathers large number of painters and sculptors of the Zlatibor County. The works are being collected from the month of June and are exibited in October, the best are sent to the State Review.

The Arilje Golden PotThe Arilje Golden Pot – The manifestation is organised by The sports fishing club ” Plovak ” .

Held in the period September October Moon ten years. In the fishing and cookingfish soup competing teams from Ariije and all over Serbia.
In 2009, 14 teams participated and 9 members of the jury judged their soups.

HoneyHoney Fair – The event is organized Pčelarsko asociation ” Savo Popović ” from Arilje.

Held at the church feast Cveti, ten years back, in the town square.Organize a sales exhibition of honey and processed honey, equipment and accessories for beekeeping. Pčelarska Organization of Serbia organized the lecture.
Organized cultural program ( original vocalgroups, brass orchestras ) .

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