The Klisura Monastery

The Klisura Monastery

The Klisura Monastery in Dobrače is located on the left bank of the Moravica, between the rocks and mountains, 13km from Arilje on the road Arilje – Ivanjica.
The monastery got its name after the geographical location – the Moravica gorge.

The monastery was built upon the ruins of an old church and during its stormy history it was ruined and reconstructed many times. Today it is a women monastery.
The most important segment of the monastery complex is the church dedicated to the archangels Mihailo and Gavrilo. Erected in the thirteenth century and resembling Arilje bishopric church of that time.

It belongs to Raška School with emphasized dome and construction solutions. It is a single – nave basilica with semicircular altar apse to the east and a narthex to the west.

The inside of the temple is covered with frescoes and icons painted by the famous icon painters Simeon Lazović and Dimitrije Pesniković. The church also holds a collection of frescoes of different origin dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth century.
In the process of making the portal, engravers achieved a serious progress.

The Klisura Monastery has a historical, architectural and artistic – monumental value and bears witness to the artistic creation and cultural circumstances in the south – west of Serbia.

Republic Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments Beograd put the Klisura monastery under the state protection.

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