St Vaznesenje Gospodnje Church

St Vaznesenje Gospodnje ChurchSt Vaznesenje Gospodnje Church was erected on the ruins of a former medieval church in the village of Dragojevac.
In the church chronicle it is documented that its foundations are older than the church of Arilje built in the thirteenth century.
The church was ruined and reconstructed several times. After the 1924 reconstruction there was no further adaptation until 1998.

Curiously enough the church was never fresco – painted and there are no frescoes even today.

It is assumed that it was a memorial of a ruler belonging to the Nemanjić dynasty, but there are no written data about it. It is not known who the founder was and whose relics rest in the church.

At the very entrance to the church yard there are roadside monuments as spiritual leaders of place erected in honor of the warriors who died in the First World War.

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