The hot spring mineral water Visočka spa

Visočka spaThe hot spring mineral water Visočka spa located in the canyon of the river Veliki Rzav. This representative hydro geologic structure of mineral water distance is 34 km from city center.

Flowing out from the canyon and having been previously heated in the deeper layers of the ground, the water is cropping out on the surface and being mixed with the fluvial water to be cooled afterwards.
Such type of canyon spring is „ natural thermal rarities museum” , one of a kind in Serbia and ex Yugoslavia.

Particularly rare are ” suspended thermal springs ” , springs in rocks above the river channel.

The source areas are on the 600 meters above the sea level. The water temperature is around 27°C. It belongs to the category of potassium-magnesium – hydrocarbonic – oligomineral hipothermal waters. Since ancient times, the spa is famous for treating illnesses such as rheum, heart problems, mental diseases and it significantly improves, eyesight.

According to tradition, on these thermal springs, having returned from the battle of Kosovo Polje, heroes of Kosovo were healing themselves.

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