Serdar Mićić’ s inn

Serdar Mićić' s innSerdar Mićić’ s inn was built in 1823 and it probably belonged to the serdar of the Nahija (county) of Užice, Jovan Mićić. It is said that serdar Mićić was a skillful organizer, diplomat and a fearless warrior. One legend says that the Tarabić predicted that the great politician would die of hunger which really happened in prison after the change of dynasties and the return of the Karađorđević dynasty to power.

The old Duke Mićić was extremely interested in owning properties in attractive locations, as was the case with many Serbian politicians.

He also owned an inn with all the accompanying facilities surrounded by walls in Čajetina which was destroyed in the Second World War. He built the inn in Arilje because he liked spending his winters there.
At that times typical house had stables on the ground floor whereas the upper floors were intended for living. This house, however, didn’ t have stables and was the first city house in Arilje intended only for living.

Built on the plateau south – west of the church in the town’ s center as a two – story house with a second – floor porch, it laid the foundations of the town.
Compared to the wooden houses covered with straw the Duke’ s house with its size and structure resembled a real ” castle ” .

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