Vujan monastery

Vujan Monastery is situated on the slopes of Mount Vujan, about 6 km far from the town of Čačak.
It is dedicated to St.Archangel Mihailo.

Vujan Monastery is situated in the village of Prislonica, on the wooded slopes of Mount Vujan dominating’ the picturesque surrounding countryside.

As thought by historians, the monastery dates back to the Middle Ages, but its original name was Obrovin.

The monestary was ruined in 1597 and restored in 1805 by Nikola Milićević – Lunjevica.

Many legendary brave warriors living in this region, who took part in the First and Second Serbian Uprising against the Turks, like vojvoda ( Duke ) Lazar Mutap and Nikola Lunjevica, were buried in the narthex of the monastery.

The icon of St. Mihailo, the Archangel, from 1808 is kept in the monastery. It is considered a rare and a precious example of its kind and therefore is under the protection of the government. Another icon worthy of mention is that of Jesus Christ from the 19th century.

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