Ovčar Banja Spa

Ovčar Banja SpaIn a small erosion – made area, healing mineral water springs of the Ovčar Banja come from deep tectonic structure breaks under the ground to the surface in the spa plain.

The temperature of the mineral water of the Ovčar Banja spa is 35° C – 38 ° C. The healing elements of the water are as foolows: macroelements – Calcium and Sodium and microelements – Potassium, Litium, Strontium, Barium, Jodine, Bromine, Phosphorous, Fluorine. As to its composition, this is jodine and slightly sulphuric water.

 Thanks to the chemical composition of the water the following indicated diseases are cured here : rheumatic diseases, injuries of muscle tissues, bone fractures, degenerative diseases like spondylosis and arthritis, sports injuries and skin diseases.

Ovčar Banja Spa is an ideal place to stay because it offers a variety of opportunities for spending your holiday and relax here, or do some sports and recreation. Those guests who are desirous of a kind of passive enjoyment can spend time in the Kablar Wellness Center. A peaceful atmosphere and pleasant greenery by both sides of the lake, long summer walks by the river, fishing, going sightseeing of nearby natural beauties, visiting the monasteries of the Ovčar – Kablar gorge and getting to know their cultural and historical heritage, all this, when you leave, will make you feel welthier by one more memorable journey.

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