Sveta Trojica monastery

By its architecture, the church of Sveta Trojica Monastery is the most beautiful church in the Ovčar – Kablar gorge . It is situated on the south – west forested slopes of Mount Ovčar.

Nobody knows who built the monastery or when: According to a Turkish census and tradition, the monastery was raised in the second half of the 16th century.

Like all other monasteries in Serbia, this monastery was ruined at the end of the 18th century.

The church of Sveta Trojica Monastery is a single – nave building with a rectangular chancels and a dome above the central area of the church, with the alter in the eastern side and the narthex in the western side added after the naos was built.

The beauty of the monastery church is a testimony to a great skill of masters engaged to work for an obviously rich man who had a very good taste and a good sense of beauty and excellence in architecture. By its spatial and architectures structure, design and proportions, the monastery church ranks among the most beautiful and architecturally most significant Serbian Orthodox churches raised in late 16th century.

Sveta Trojica Monastery contains a big cross embroidered with gold and sterling silver of great artistic value. Besides, it contains two unique, exceptionally rare icons depicting Christ Saviour of Souls and Mother of God of antique value.

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