Vavedenje monastery

Vavedenje monastery was raised at the very entrance to the gorge.

The characteristics of the style of the original parts of the church are an evidence that the monastery dates back to the 16th century. According to tradition, which Vuk Karadzic and a writer of travel accounts Joakim Vujić referred to, the monastery was raised by St.Sava and his Father Simeon.

Felix Kanic, who travelled all across this region in 1860, wro down that there were ruins of a fortification opposite tr church: ” The ruins of a Medieval town can be seen opposite the church, whose name and the name of a person who bu the town today’ s generations know nothing about and whic was probably raised on the site of a Roman castle. ”

The iconostasis of the Monastery of Vavedenje, contains among others, the icons dipicting Mother of God with Christ, and Jesus Christ, the work of Nikola Apostolović. Gold – plate imperial  gate dipicting the scene of Blagovesti ( Holy Annunciation ) has  also been preserved. A modest artistic value of the monastery, embodied in the iconostasis, is enhanced by a few icons preserved from the times of ravages the times past. Most items of worship had the same destiny.

The monastery archives include a četvorojevandjelje ( Four Gospels Manuscript ) called Gundulić’ s Četvorojevandjelje, published by Trajan Gundulić in 1552 as the first book printet af the first printing – house in Belgrade.

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