Kadjenica Church (smoke burnt)

On the right bank of the West Morava river, one kilometer upstream Ovčar Banja lies Kadjenica Cave.
The access to the cave was cleared, and the central area of the cave with cave ornaments presents a sacral and monumental space.

Two stone sarcophaguses with a Crucifixion are testimony to an unpleasant event that happened during the Hadži – Prodan Uprising in 1814. People took shelter in this cave from the Turks. However, they were found, and Turks put some straw and branches at the entrance and set it on fire, so that all the people inside the cave choked from kad ( smoke ). Since that time the place has been called Kadjenica ( smoke burnt ).

Up to 1940, the bones lay in the cave, covered with dust and ashes. That year the bones were collected and buried in the stone sarcophaguses. The access to the cave and the space around its entrance were cleared again in 1991.

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