Nikolje Monastery

Nikolje monastery, the oldest monastery of the Ovčar – Kablar gorge, was erected on the slopes of Mount Kablar, on the left bank of the river Zapadna Morava.

By architectural features, it supposedly dates back to the Middle Ages, most probably to the end of the 15th century i. e. to the beginning of the 16th century.

A large number of manuscripts on the monastery, its history and its important superiors are of a precious value for the investigation into the monastery. The most significant and the oldest manuscript is a well – known Nikolje Gospel.

The monastery contains the icons depicting Great holidays, a few scenes from the cycle Sufferings of Christ and other saints.  The most precious icon in Nikolje monastery is Passion Mother of  God.

The most significant manuscript in Serbian culture written at the beginning of 17th century Karan Gospel is kept at the monastery.

The architecture of Nikolje monastery is modest, however this is the only monastery in the gorge whose architecture has remained preserved since the Medieval times ( this makes it even more important and precious ).

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