Gornja Trepča Spa – Atomic Spa


Gornja Trepča Spa – Atomic Spa is situated in the region of northwest  Šumadija, on the slopes of the mountains
Vujan and Bukovik at 460 m height above sea level. It is 18 km far from Čačak, 159 km far from Belgrade, 9 km away from Gornji Milanovac and 8, 5 km from Ibarska main road.


According to its geographical position, the climate of Gornja Trepča Spa belongs to moderate continetal type. Airis fresh, mountains and peacefulness and the quiet of the place are magnificient. The climate with small oscillation of the temperature during the year, impact the rich flora. It is ideal for recovery and relaxation of the exhausted organism. The average temperature is 20 degrees and max. temperature during the summer is not above 30 degree.
Moderate climate, fresh mountain air, favourable magnetic field together with mineral water are nature atractions wich have favourable effects for recovery and getting health.

Characteristics of thermo mineral water

Atomic SpaDry residue: 336 – 360 mg/ l
Teperature: 30,5 °C
Chemical constitution: Co, K, Na, Mg, Fe, Al, Mn, Zn, Sr, Rb, Cu, Ba, Ti, Cr, Ni, V, Mo, Li
Ultra microelements:
Pb, CS, Nb, Co, Sn, Ge, La, W, Be, Ag, Sc, U, Hg, Au, Ra Ph
value: 7, 4 – 7, 5
Max radon content: 3,3 – 7,7 M. units


The rare elements contained in this water gave name to this spa – Atomic Spa.

Termal water in general, as well as mineral water from Gornja Trepča spring has simultaneously mechanical, thermal,physo – logical and chemical effects. The maximal relaxation of the muscles using mineral baths is obtanined with this effect, and together with that the movements which are not possible on terra firma, are achivable ( hydro – kinesitherapy ) . Nervous processes are activated, metabolism and circulation improve, and cardiovascular and respiratory system are stimulated under the influence of hydro – kineziteraphy. Mineral waters containd this elements in certain concretation, make the organism healthy.

Mineral water is the most important resource in medical rehabilitation and therapy. Medical rehabilitation is held in hydro therapy section, equipt with up – to – date diagnostic and medical apparatuses. Well – trained doctors specialists from neurology, rheumatology physical and internal medicine and other medical staff offers a complete service in order to satisfy the paitents needs. The supervision of expert doctors working in the spa, together with thermo mineral effect, making the best results in health service. This is uniqe Spa on the Earth where the treatment of multiplex sclerosis is so successful.
In additon to standard, several medical fields are including in medical treatment: surgery, neurology, orthopedy.
New methods in therapy and achievements in medical rehabiliation are presenting in this Spa during the year.



Chronic inflammatory rheumatism:
– Rheumatoid arthritis
– Spondyloarthropata

Degenerative rheumatism:
– Arthroses
– Spondyloartroses.

Extra articular rheumatism:
– Myositis
– Fibrositis
– Panniculitis
Metabolic diseases of faints:
– Gout.

– Ventricular ulcer and duodenal ulcer,
– Chronic gastritis and chronic enteritis,
– Colon irritable.

• Disorders of central nervous system:
– Multiplex sclerosis,
– Conditions after having myelitis and encephalomyelitis.
– Adhesive spinal arachnoiditis,
– Posttraumatic myelopathy
– Hemiplegy and hemiparesis,
– Vasorum cerebra insufficiency
– Cerebral paralysis.

Disorders in peripheral nervous system :
– Mononeuritis and polyneuritis,
– Traumptic damages of nerves.

– Arteritis,
– Varicose syndromes,
– Lymph edemas.

The advantage of Atomic Spa – Gornja Trepča related to the other Spas is in fact that the hiperthermal baths are contrain – dicated for the patinents suffering from heart.

Balneotherapy and physical treatment include the following:
1. Balneotherapy:
– Baths in the pool,
– Baths in the bathtub,
– Hydro massage.

2. Physical therapy:
– Kinesitherapy,
– Manual massage.
– Electro therapy.

1. Laser therapy,
2. Magnet therapy,
3. Interferential electricity,
4. Diadynamic electricity,
5. Electrophoresis,
6. Ultrasonic massage,
7. Subaquatic ultrasound,
8. KTD
9. Stable galvanization
10. Tens
11. Light therapy
12. Vasculator

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