Ježevica Monastery

Ježevica Monastery is situated in the village of Ježevica near the town of Čačak.

The church is dedicated to St. Nicholas and according to tradition, the founder of the monastery was King Milutin.
According to the sources obtained from the local people, the monastery was founded during the rule of Czar Dušan.

The ground plan of the church is cross – shaped.

The central area of the church was painted in 1609 with scenes off the life of St. Nicholas.
The bell – tower of Baroque style in architecture was added to the monastery in the 19th century and the narthex in 1846.

The frescoes depicting the scenes of lives of Saints, Mother of God and Sufferings of Christ ( Christ’ s Passion ) have been presented.

In the period 1609 – 1951 conservation and repair works on the church and its roof started. The church looked as it originally did in 1846.

Interestingly, the frescoes date back to 1609 and 1637 and in a special manner support the Serbian and Orthodox tradition.

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