Ibrahim-pasha’s Mosque

Ibrahim-pasha’ s Mosque is the oldest mosque in Prijepolje.
For the first time it was mentioned in travels of Evlija Celebija.

Ibrahim-pasha the son of Herzegovina sub – pasha had it built in the 16th century.
In the corner of the mosque there is a built- in sundial ” eltifa ” positioned in the direction east west and it represents the only authentic detail from the time of its construction.
In the 18th century during the Hungarian-Turkish war the mosque suffered damages but had been restored thanks to the efforts of a local resident, lady Baki – hanuma.

The graveyard – mezarje, next to the mosque is particularly significant and abounds in old and luxuriously decorated marks made of calcium carbonate deposits, stone and marble. There are marks for ulemans, dervishes, agas, hajis, pashas, merchants, young men, young women and the orthers.

Next to the mosque there are graves of the mosque builder Ibrahim – pasha and his sister Kajdafa. Marks on their graves are the oldest preserved ones in the territory of this municipality. On Kajdafa’ s grave there is a sign: ” Kajdafa, dautghter of Iskender, year 1048 “.

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