International Pancevo Carnival

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  • Municipality: Pančevo
  • Postal code: 26000
  • Area code: ( + 381 ) 13

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At the point where the Tamiš river flows into the Danube, on the coast where they hear the tamburitza music, the gate of Banat, Pancevo had grown – the capital of beer making, old crafts, powerful center of industry, the city with a long tradition and culture – the carnival city.

International Pancevo Carnival is the most important international carnival event in Serbia under supported of People’ s Office of President of the Republic of Serbia, the Executive Council of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and the City of Pancevo.

Pancevo has a carnival tradition which dates from the 19th century. Today Pancevo Carnival, organized by the Association of ” Friends of Pancevo ” since 2004, became the most important event in the city and the largest international carnival event in Serbia to attend the large number of visitors, participants, ambassadors and senior officials from the country and aboard. Pancevo’ s Carnival is a combination of different carnival traditions and cultures from around the world, which is an integral part of international cooperation and exchange.
Pancevo is on the world carnival map with this important European event, as a leading carnival city in Serbia and also as the first member from Serbia of Federation of European Carnival Cities ( FECC ) since 2004 and European carnival city.

Each year in the third week of June, Pancevo opens the city gate for the International Pancevo Carnival. Opening of carnival ceremony begins when the Mayor hands over the City Key to Maestro of carnival who taken the authority which has symbolic meaning – that on those days carnivalists rule the city.

Everything transforms on the grand carnival stage and the whole city lives masqueraded. In this crazy time, whoever has visited Pancevo during the Carnival has fun followed by the attrative and rich programme.

Opening ceremony includes a performance show that extracts carnival groups with witty coments by the merry presenters and music concerts.

Culmination of the event is the Grand International Carnival Parade, which goes through the center of Pancevo, with over 100. 000 visitors.

Approximately 3.000 participants from over 15 countries, with majorettes, brass – band and carnival groups, which rule the heart of the city for a few hours on the grand carnival parade in Pancevo. Music and dance always accompany the carnival groups. Carnival isn’ t only a disguise worn on the face and body – it is a celebration of life.

Carnival of Pancevo is the most prestigious street event. In cafes and in front of them everything transforms on the grand carnival stage. It is the largest street theater with rich following program: spectacular fireworks, concerts, carnival and DJ party, performance on stilts, samba dancers and fancy – dress parties on different locations including the city streets until early morning hours.

The International Carnival of Pancevo is directly broadcasted on TV and on the Internet. Pancevo’ s heart truly beats for the Carnival. Carnival of Pancevo is a special event because it is prepared with love and live whole – heartedly.

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