Tašmajdan Park

Tašmajdan ParkTašmajdan Park is located between the streets: Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra, Takovska, llije Garašanina and Karnegijeva. The Street Starine Novaka divides it up into two parts – Big and Small Tašmajdan. 

In the Turkish language, the word ‘ tašmajdan ‘ means ‘ quarry ‘ or ‘ rocky field ‘ . Therefore, this whole area in which there used to be a quarry, which today is the area between the streets Takovska, llije Garašanina, Starine Novaka and Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra, used to be known as ‘Tašmajdan’ . In the late 1820s, in this area was founded a cemetery that remained here until 1886.

The most famous people of that time were buried there. As early as in the beginning of the 20th century the authorities started to contemplate the rearrangement of the cemetery site.

By the Master Plan from 1950, Tašmajdan was turned into a City Park, in whose lower part, towards llije Garašanina Street, was built a sports and recreation center. 

The construction of the park started in 1950 and was finished in 1954. It involved a great number of Belgrade citizens.
The Park occupies 10.96 hectares.

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