Serbia-place to refresh your life

Facts and figures

Serbia-BelgradeArea : 88, 361 square kilometers
Population : 10 milion ( Approximately )
Capital : Belgrade ( Beograd )
Language : The official language is Serbian ; official alphabets are Cyrilic and Latin
Religion : The main religion in Serbia is Christian Ortodox. Other religious communities include islamic, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and other.
Time : GTM + 1
Currency : The monetary unit is the Dinar ( RSD ) – 1 Dinar

Approximately one  fifth of Serbia’ s population resides in Belgrade, the capital. Belgrade is located along the Danube River, one of Europe’ s key waterways. The Danube and Sava rivers meet at Kalemegdan, the city’ s impressive medieval fortress. Tourism is growing sector in Serbia. The country boasts an array of impressive monasteries, churches, fortresses and other cultural sites. Serbia also offers scenic forests, rivers, lakes, mineral springs and spectacular mountain peaks, 15 of which rise 2, 000 meters above sea level. For a taste of old world luxury, visitors can travel to Serbia on the Orient Express, the oldest and most established of Europe’ s transcontinental trains. The train connects Belgrade to London, Paris, Munich, Salzburg, Istanbul and other European cities.

Serbia is a country of natural beauty, fascinanting culture and unique charm, a country which offers imagination and remains remembered. It is a country of hospitable people, historical monuments, modern cities, attractive villages, rivers and lakes, mountains and plains, spas and monasteries. If you are curious, sooner or later, you will come to Serbia, the European crossroads. From sweeping mountain landscape to vibrant city centers, Serbia offers an unforgettable experience for the inquisitive traveler.

Come to Serbia – refresh your life !

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