Heart of Belgrade

If you come in the Belgrade as a tourist  traditionally friendly and cheerful hosts will take you in sightseeing and present to you their city at its best. In one day you will have as much free time as strength to walk the famous Belgrade “tour” from the plateau where is situated the Cathedral of Saint Sava to the Kalemegdan fortress.

In this description will not be some significant city parts as the Zemun, Skadarlija, Kosančićev venac, a popular museum complexes in Dedinje, because Belgrade belongs to those demanding destination which is not possible to visit in one day.

It would certainly take some time and different time periods. They say that Belgrade is the most beautiful in the spring, but statistics show that tourists often visit Belgrade for the New year, FEST, Belgrade beer fest and other festivals …

So, we start with Belgrade sightseeing from the Svetosavski plateau, where is dominated the second largest Orthodox church in the world (the first one is the Church of Christ the Savior in the Kremlin in Moscow). The Cathedral of Saint Sava was built in the classic Byzantine style with many domes, and is in so many different things unique in the world.
From the Cathedral, the way leads us down the street Saint Sava to the large roundabout Slavija Square.

There are two buildings dominated the roundabout Slavija Square: the building of the National Bank of Serbia and two buildings of Hotel Slavija. Pay attention to the oldest and most original building on the Slavia Square, a house of the famous family Vučo, turned today into a restaurant Mc Donald’s.

This walking tour leads us down the famous street Kralja Milana to the second by its size and significance square, Terazije.
The Square Terazije, a large city place of all important and fateful events in the city is synonym for Belgrade. On the Square Terazije dominates magnificent building of the Hotel “Moscow”, once the capital’s most beautiful building and famous fountain Terazijska česma.

From here we go to the famous Knez Mihailova Street, the pedestrian zone that has the emphasized commercial, cultural and academic significance.

At the beginning of the Knez Mihailova Street there is the central city square – the Republic Square. The Republic Square is the strictest city center. On this square are dominated buildings of the National Museum and National Theatre as well as the equestrian statue of Prince Mihailo, the masterpiece of the Italian sculptor Enrico Pazzi.
The Park Kalemegdan and the Kalemegdan fortress are the unique spatial and ambient entirety. At the same time it is the most attractive and most representative tourist complex in the city. It is a place where is grounded Belgrade.

On the highest plateau on the fort, just above the confluence of the Sava in Danube, is situated a symbol of the city – the Victor statue, a masterpiece of famous Yugoslav sculptor Ivan Meštrović.
Not so far away from here there are many other important signs as the Roman well, the Military Museum, the Gallery of Natural Museum and the Belgrade zoo.
With a walk through the Kalemegdan we finish Belgrade sightseeing optimized for one-day tourist tour.

Welcome to Belgrade!

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