Botanical Garden

Botanical gardenUnlike in other world metropolises, Belgrade’ s the Botanical Garden Jevremovac, is located in the very heart of the city or more precisely between the streets: Bulevar Despota Stefana, Dalmatinska,Takovska and Vojvode Dobrnjca.
It was founded in 1889.

The open section of the Garden has approximately 350 tree and bush species and about 700 herbs species of local, European and exotic origin.


This green oasis serves as a cultural and educational institution, as a scientific and research center for botanical disciplines, as well as a teaching unit of the Faculty of Biology.

The area of 4. 81 hectares consists of the following units: hothouse, open sections, Japanese garden, administrative building, herbarium, lecture halls and laboratories.

The hothouse is an attractive – looking building consisting of two wings connected by a central dome. It occupies 500 square meters and was built in 1892. Currently it contains almost 1000 species of tropical, subtropical and desert plants. The herbarium contains one of the richest and most significant collections not only in Serbia, but in Europe as well.

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