Kovačica Municipality

Kovačica municipalityThe municipality of Kovačica is located in the Southern part of the Banat region, extending 419 km2 of the southeastern part of Vojvodina.

The river Tamiš runs trough the northwestern, while the sandy terrain Deliblato, with its specific natural and geographic characteristics, covers the eastern parts of the municipality. 84.2 % of the complete territory is covered by cultivable soil, mostly consisting of first – class plowed fields, orchards, vineyards and meadows. 4/ 5 of the soil is ” černozem ” ( dark soil ) – the most fertile type in the Panonian region, providing high yields to the agricultural production.

The municipality of Kovačica is composed of 8 settlements : Kovačica, Debeljača, Crepaja, Padina, Samoš, Idvor, Uzdin and Putnikovo, and 27, 860 inhabitants altogether. All of the settlements are connected by asphalt roads, as well as by the railroad Belgrade – Kikinda throughout the municipal territory.

Due to its heterogeneous ethnic composition and harmonious international relations between the Slovaks ( 41 % ), Serbs ( 32, 9 % ) , Hungarians ( 10, 5 % ) , Romanians (  7 % ) and others, Kovačica is often called ” The Mini Vojvodina “ .

Pursued by various economic problems, religious persecutions, as well as lead by the desire for a better life, the inhabitants of Kovačica have always relied on each other, respected the customs, language and cultures of the other nationalities, preserving and cherishing their own at the very same time.

Some 200 years ago, they have moved down to guard central Europe against the Turkish invasion and stayed here ever since.

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