Hotel – Castle Kaštel

Castle Kaštel60 km north from Belgrade and only 7km away from Zrenjanin, in village Ečka is located castle ” Kaštel “ built in English architectonic style from 1816 until 1820.

The castle was built by family Lazar. Famous Franz List  performed on opening ceremony of the castle that was held on August 29. 1820.  For many years ” Kaštel ” was center of hunters from all over country and abroad. The castle often hosted autro – hungarian thron pretenden Ferdinand and Serbian regent Aleksandar Karadjordjević as well.

Today the castle is completely restored and has been turned into the hotel which provides unforgettable vacation in authentic interior inspired by its own aristocracy heritage. Hotel has 14 rooms and 3 suites, which are mixture of classical and modern design, providing intimacy, serenity and view which overlooks a beautiful old park that surruonding the castle.

All rooms have free internet connection, and there is wireless internet available at restaurant’ s entrance. The restaurant is suited in ball room in which guests can enjoy either in Serbian or international cuisine, beautiful music and a rich offering of various wines from all over the world. Thanks to beautiful nature and to its location that is far away from noise ” Kaštel ” is ideal for buissnes meeting, work shops, celebrations, banquets and different other events.

Parking is available and provided for all guests with constant video supervision.

Today, almost two centuries after, you have opportunity to enjoy in beauty of ” Kaštel ” and to feel for a moment a spirit of past time.

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