Art and Cultural Events In The Municipality of Kovačica

Kovačica ” the Metropole of the Naive Art “ is well – known in our country and abroad for its naive art masters, as well as for the Gallery established and opened even in 1955, the first of its kind in our country.

Mihajlo Pupins House



Mihajlo Pupin, a world – famous scientist and diplomat, was born in Idvor, so thousands of young people and tourists visit his native house, museum collection and legacy.


The Ethno House in Padina is representing the typical home  of a middle – class family at the end of the 19 th century. There are also naive art painters in Padina and a significant gallery collection as well, but the special charm to this town is given by its magnificent wells, which are dating from the 19th century.



The naive art creation of the Romanians in Uzdin is a treasury of quite masterpieces. One part of this treasure is exibited in the gallery of Uzdin’ s cultural centre.

Part of the cultural heritage of Uzdin is presented in the Romanian ethno house.


Crepaja is known by horse – loving people and its famous cultural event ” The Fiacre of Crepaja ” .

The Gallery of the academic artist Ksenija Ilijević is also located here.



Debeljača is known by its agricultural fairs, which are enyoing a long tradition.

In Debeljača, there is also the Etnographic Museum, where the tools and products of this area’ s old handicrafts are exhibited.



The handicraft of Jan Nemček is unique : hand – made violins and other string instruments. The naive artist’ s ateliers near the Gallery may be visited as well.

Vladimir Fijat’ s legacy in Samoš is a rich collection of famous Serbian painter’ s masterpieces from the end of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century. 

Women' s association


Each village has its women’ s association, which is actively organizing various exhibitions of embroidery, contests in preparing old national dishes, as well as any kind of women – oriented lectures.



Aiming to preserve their cultural identity, heritage, tradition, language and customs, the amateurs, gathered at the culture centres are achieving notewortz results in the field of  theatre and fine arts, reciting, music and folklore.

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