The Municipality Of Opovo

River TamišThe municipality of Opovo is one of the smallest municipalities in Vojvodina. It is situated in South Banat, only 30km away from Belgrade and Pančevo, i. e. 40 km from Zrenjanin. Covering an area of 203 km2 it has 11016 inhabitants living in four settlements : Baranda, Opovo, Sakule and Sefkerin. All the settlements are on the left bank of the river Tamiš, which flows for 29 km along the territory of the municipality. It is 3 km away from the higher class road Belgrade – Zrenjanin, and it is the same distance from corridor 10 ( motorway ) . The regional Vršac – Pančevo – Zrenjanin road R – 124 runs through Opovo. The Airport ” Nikola Tesla ” is 50 km away from Opovo.

Around 60 %  of the total activity in the municipalitybelongs to the  agriculture, mostly due to the favourable natural resources ( fertile soil, favourable climate, rich water currents, etc. ) .

Our aim is the popularisation of tourism as the basic ground for the development of the municipality and for that reson we emphasise the need for integration of all available resources especially the integration of agriculture and tourism.

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