Great War Island

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    Great War islandThe Great War Island is one of the most representative ecological and visual images of Belgrade, with its characteristic flora and fauna.

    It is located right at the confluence of the rivers Sava and Danube and has always represented an area of military and strategic importance for Belgrade – whenever the city was being conquered or liberated. For instance, in 1521 when the Turks besieged Belgrade for the first time, they used Great War Island to attack the Belgrade Fortress from there.


    It was created by sedimentation and accumulation of alluvial deposit as a result of the fact that the river Sava slows down in this area and prevents the sand deposits from going further. The surfacing layers of the island are alluvial deposits of the rivers Sava and Danube. Due to these processes the island has been changing its shape very often and this is taking place also in the present time.

    The island occupies 208 hectares.

    The vegetation of the Great War Island is directly influenced by the flooding regime and underground waters. The area is covered with willow and popular woods. The white willow association is dominating the island. The abundant ornithological fauna is one of the most important characteristic of the island. Even 196 bird species live on the island, out of which only six are not recognized as significant on international level. Approximately one hundred species enjoy the status of national natural rarity in Serbia and almost one hundred are protected by permanent hunting ban on the national level.There are also several species that in this country have the status of vanished, critically endangered and endangered species.

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