Municipality Kovin

BavaništeKovin municipality is the southest part of Banat.

North, west and east boundaries are administrative borders to neighbor municipalities of Pančevo, Alibunar, Vršac and Bela Crkva. The Danube river makes a natural border in the south, 46 km long.

The total area of Kovin municipality is 730 square kilometers. The population, who lives in ten inhabited places numbers 36.660 people.

Administrative center and also the biggest town is Kovin with its population of 14.230 people. Kovin has a very favorable geographical position, and through it run several traffic arteries ( Belgrade, the capital, is only 50 km away, Pančevo 30 km and Smederevo is 10 km away).

For its strategic importance, and the fact that the town is placed on the bank of the river Danube, during the centuries the present Kovin municipality has been under the reign of many conquerors ( Celts, Romans, Huns, Slavs, Avars… ) which cultures have left a significant mark, which can be recognized even today. The first historical record of the towns name, Kovin, dates in 896. AD, and the same name of the towns fortress can be traced up to 18th century.

If You want to enjoy in the beautiful and intact nature, extremely clear air, to meet good and hospitable people, in other words to relax and to experience something worth remembering, come to the Kovin municipality and discover the hidden beauty of the South Banat plains.

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