Religious Monuments of Municipality Kovin

The hard working people of the Kovin municipality left to their offspring numerous valuable and beautiful cultural monuments preserved up to present days. We will mention few:

Monastery in Bavanište

The monastery in Bavanište surrounded by forest was built in 1857.

It is the monastery of the Serbian orthodox church dedicated to the St. Marie the mother of Jesus. People from all over come to the monastery to say a praying and to take the water tor which is said to have healing powers.


Romanian Church

The church in Deliblato from 1925. is dedicated to the Holy Three.

It differs by its architecture from the other churches, and represents one of the most beautiful churches of the Romanian orthodox church in South Banat. On the frescoes in the church there are depictions of both Serbian and Romanian patriarchs German and Justin, and also the great roman dukes.

The Catholic church in Skorenovac is dedicated to the Holy King Stephan and it was dedicated in 1892. The altar picture of the Holy King Stephan was made in 1893. in Budapest, and the main altar and the altar of the Holy Heart of Jesus was made out of Slavoninan oak in Tyrol. Organ are the unique work of the ” Haubman ” work shop from Padina, and they were made in 1894.

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