The Lighthouses

The LighthousesThe Twin Lighthouses of Pančevo, situated at the mouth of the Tamiš and the Danube, at the 1154th kilometre of the Danube flow, on the left bank of the river, mark their one hundredth anniversary in 2009.

A river lighthouse is generally a rare sight, and those which come in pairs like the ones we have in Pančevo, are ” a true pearl ” . Since our Twin lighthouses are important part of Pančevo cultural heritage they are pending decision for placing them under highest protection of both Vojvodina and Serbia. As such, they stand as representatives of European cultural heritage in these  parts.

Adequate steps have been taken for their protection, reconstruction and preservation since they have become a recognizable landmark of Pančevo and a specific nautical brand of the entire region.

These ” water gates ” of Pančevo were built 1909, at the golden age of steamboat traffic on the Danube. The initial purpose of these beacons was to improve the navigation safety due to intensified river traffic and lack of obvious landmarks that could help boats navigate in all hydrological and weather conditions.
The history of these splendid structures directly relates to the building of the Pančevo pier in the town with very well developed network of local and international cargo, postal and passenger waterway lines.

Although the old pier and the steamboat station on the Tamiš from the time of construction of the twin lighthouses no longer exist, their business is taken over by three new Pančevo facilities : The Port of Danube, The Nitrogen Plant Port and The Refinery Port. The tradition of nautical activities on the Tamiš river is carried on by numerous nautical clubs which are significant factor in the development of the nautical tourism in this city. 

The city of Pančevo has devoted the entire year 2009 to the twin lighthouses of Pančevo, proud of our water gates that stand as a nautical brand representative of both local and European heritage.

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