National Museum Zrenjanin

The National Museum in Zrenjanin was founded in 1906 as Museum of Torontal County. From 1966 it is situated in the building of the former Financial Palace, on the Freedom Square, within the town center itself.

The National Museum belongs to the category of complex museum institutions, with native character and, through its investigation work, it covers the territory of Central Banat. Inside the collection of the five museum departments, morethan 33.000 museum subjects are placed. Since 2005 the National Museum in Zrenjanin is disposing with 3 exposition rooms in the ground floor of the building, where thematic expositions are presented: salon, Small salon and museum lobby.

Zrenjanin National museum was declared as The Best Museum in Serbia in 2006, due to the high number of visitors more than 85.OOO, due to 34 expositions organized and the renovation of the steady mass postulate. From January till December 2007, 30 expositions were realized in the Zrenjanin National Museum, which, together with the steady mass postulate, were visited by 82.649 vitors.

Steady mass postulate

MuseumOn the first floor of the National museum visitors have the opportunity to givе a look at art department of the steady mass postulate that contains two segments: fine and natural art.

The collection of fine art represents one of the most valuable collections in Vojvodina. Special еntirety of  the steady mass postulate represents the legacy of Uroš Predić, Paulina Sudarski, Tivadar Vanjeka, Zlata Markov Baranji, Ljubica Tapavicki a.o. The Collection of natural art contains articles collected from the foundation of the museum in 1906.

The ethnological part of the steady postulate contains five rooms where village interior from the ending of century XIX and beginning of century XX is presented and in the other rooms there are the costumes of people and nationalities from Central Banat, articles linked to village handcraft, agriculture and cattle – breeding. A part of the historical department ” Zrenjanin ( Veliki Bečkerek, Petrovgrad ) from the beginning of the last quarter century XIX till the end of the first half of century XX ” presents and shows ( on museum – like principles and praxis ) the economic, social, political, cultural, in one word the public life in actual Zrenjanin.

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