The Church of Saint Nicola’ s

St.Nikola The church of Saint Nicola’ s in Žabalj started after moving people from shores of Tisa to now days location in 1784.

The church which we have now was built from 1832 till 1835.

Žabalj and the holy temple were burnt during the rebellion in 1848. Rebuilt of the church started in 1851. and it was in baroque neo – classicistic style with semi – circle altar apsid. The temple is 36 m long and 12 m wide, with tower which is 53 m high.

Iconostasis is made in art nouva style according to the drawing of architect Svetozar Ivacković in 1884. Icons on iconostasis were painted on canvas by Jozef Gojgner, a painter from Veliki Bečkerek ( Zrenjanin ) in 1885. The wall paintings were made by Dimitrije Ridjički from Novi Sad in 1980.

The Throne of Holy Mother Trojeručice decorates the interior of the church. The throne was made in engraving as an exemplar of medieval iconostasis by Branislav Nikolić from Kragujevac. The icon was made by nuns from monastery in Bodjani.

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