The Church of Holy Ascension

The church of Holy Ascension
The Church of Holy Ascension in Djurdjevo.

Iconostasis was painted by Pavle Simić in 1851.

The throne of Saint Mary and Arhijerevski throne were saved.

 The municipality of the church gave over the old iconostasis of Pavle Simić to Simeon Djaković, hieromonk of monastery Zitomislic in 1810.

The iconostasis that we have today, was made by Josif Nukić, carpenter from Novi Sad, in 1911. The most of icons were painted by Jovan Kesanski.

The temple has valuable books. One of them is ” Mec duhovni ” , printed in Kiev – pecer lavra in 1666. This book is 350 years old. Other valuable books are ” Zbornik ” printed in Moscow in 1760. and ” Minej ” printed in Moscow in 1724.

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