marTemerin is a small town in Vojvodina in the northern part of the Republic of Serbia. Located in the suburb of Novi Sad the capital city of Vojvodina ( 18km ). Temerin is also 90 km away from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, just as far as it is from Subotica, an important regional centre of Vojvodina.
Geographical location of the Municipality of Temerin is very favorable.

There are two important regional roads crossing through the town. One is connecting Novi Sad with Bečej ( R-120 ) , leading to Senta and Kanjiža. The other connecting Odžak and Zrenjanin ( R – 104 ) .

The most important is international road E-75 which drives from Novi Sad towards Subotica and than further to Hungary. The second road by its importance is highway M – 22 ( from recently international highway E – 5 ) .

The territory of the Municipality of Temerin covers the area of 169,61 km2 and it has approximately 30.000 inhabitants.
Temerin is one of the most developed towns in this region of Vojvodina, even in Serbia. It is well known for its swimming pools, thermal waters that attract more and more visitors year after year. Natural beauties, the river Jegrička and the Old Park, rich social life, a lot of cultural manifestations in tourism make a whole of our municipality. New trends in the touristic area attract many tourists to our environment. People seek to go to smaller towns where life is more peaceful to relax. Temerin is an ideal place for resting and fun. Everyone who comes to visit Temerin will find something for his own interest. If you are interested in getting to know better the way of living in multicultural community, hunting, fishing or just enjoying the nature, visit Temerin, you won’t regret it.

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