Bodjani Monastery

Bodjani MonasteryAccording to the old saved documents the place Bodjani was built by a merchant called Bogdan who cured his eyes on a nearby spring. Being grateful for what happened, he built an orthodox church on the place where the miracle happened in 1478. It seems that the monastery and the settlement were named after their founder.

The monastery was later destroyed by the Turks but the monks rebuilt it. It was burn to the ground during the Rakotzy uprising. Present church was built in the 17th century by a wealthy man from Segedin.

Called Mihajlo Temisvarlija as the fourth church building on the same place. The big castle and the church in Bođani were built in the Baroque style and painted by Kristofor Zefarović, a famous frescoe painter of that lime. In the palace there is a rich professionally organized museum with many old engravigs, oil paintings, church dishes, printing press, etc. Many things brought from the monastery of Manasija are kept here. From the beginning of the 15-th century to 1991. It was a male monastery. In 1991. it was taken over by the nuns. There is a Beautiful front yard with many trees and flowers which also contribute to the beauty of the monastery. The monastery also owns a few hectares of land underforests and orchards.
Now it is a male monastery again and the monks from Kovilj monastery live there. The monasteries of Bodjani and Kovilj are the only two monasteries in Bačka. Not far from the monastery, near the village Vajska, a neolithic necropolis with built crypts from the time of the time of the great movement of the people.

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