Guesthouse Ranch

Ranch Not far from Bač (near the village Bođani) there is an estate of the Kulaš family. The building, which was constructed 1911, is very interesting and it has not lost a bit of its original luxury and greatness. The whole complex of buildings is at the place where the two rivers cross. Together with their natural beauty they have plenty of fish and are a real pleasure for people who love nature and fishing. The place is surrounded by the forest rich in various game which makes it a nice hunting ground.

And only 2km far from it, there is the Danube river and the Danube hunting ground. The restaurant “Ranch” is noted for its specialties made of fresh fish only. The fish served in the restaurant is raised in cages in the river. Along with delicious fish specialties, the staff of the restaurant offers unforgettable events such as a boat ride along the beautiful rivers. For those who decide to stay longer at this beautiful place, an object for accommodation was built by the restaurant.

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