Business Club-exlusive restaurant and guesthouse

business_clubBusiness club has the capacity of 300 seats with the dining hall of 150 seats, cafe bar – 30 places, separate seats- 20 places and 2 summer gardens of 100 places as well as conference hall for 20 guests. 4 luxury apartments are particularly nice. All closed spaces are air- conditioned. The restaurant offers over 40 types of various dishes of local and foreign cuisine as well as preparation of macrobiotic food. Specialties exclusively cooked by cooking experts are on offer. Various desserts, warm drinks, salads as well as a wide offer of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages are also on offer.
In Slovan’s facilities various gatherings are arranged: business meetings, conferences, generation gatherings, balls, weddings and many other manifestations. The Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina declared “Business club” to be the best restaurant in Vojvodina province for the year 2004.

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