Wines of Fruška Gora vineyards

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  • Municipality: Sremski Karlovci

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bermetGrape cultivation in Vojvodina has had a long tradition which dates back to the Roman period.

Traditional way is used in production of high quality white, rose and red wine, which has been served at royal courts, at hotels and restaurants in Europe and the world.

The wine is made from various grape sorts cultivated in three wine regions in Vojvodina.

Sremski Karlovci has been the reputable Serbian wine capital for several centuries. The wine has been exported to the Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Moldavia and Belgium since the 15th century. Actually, this is the region of viticulture which is among the oldest in Europe. According to an old saying, ” climate is the destiny; vine is the mother and the soil the father of wine “ , authentic wine from this area has a particular sweet – sour taste, ruby or sometimes white colour and is called ” bermet “ .

” Bermet “ was exported to the USA 150 years ago. Large quantities were sent to the royal court in Vienna and there are some records of it on the wine list on the ” Titanic ” .

The legend has it that during the reign of Austria – Hungary Empire, there was a river port in Karlovci from which the wine was transported to Vienna. Maria Theresa tried the wine ” bermet “ and asked about its origin. When she was told that it was produced in the region from which males were constantly recruited and sent to war, the Empress granted the men in Fruška gora amnesty so that they could continue the wine production.
The subject of the legend was also the story that this wine was served at other European royal courts ( French, Czech, etc. ) in the 17th and 18th century. In case some permission was needed from the royal court in Vienna, then the wine was offered as bribe. There is some information that the most precious gift for the royal court in London received from Vienna was actually ” bermet “ .

The production of ” bermet “ is a slow and expensive process regarding the which is  a professional secret of its exclusive producers in Karipvci. There is no other place in the world where bermet is produced.

” Bermet “, a ” noble wine with herbs “ , is among rare wines that are drunk both as aperitif  ( prior to meals ) and digestive (with desserts, such as vanilice, salčići, orasnice ) .

Its complex scent and taste are immediately recognised by the distinctive taste of fruit – dried figs, orange rind, anis, carob, nutmeg, clove, vanilla and wormwood.

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