Catering Facilities-Ada

A large number of domestic and foreign tourists passing through Serbia from direction Horgoš to Novi Sad and vice versa can use acomodation in hotel “PARK” with its 15 double rooms and one appartment owned by a joint-stock company AD «VIVENS» from Novi Sad.

Apart from the hotel accomodation can be found at the hunting lodge in Mol with accomodation capacity for 12 guests with an excelent kitchen. “NADJPAL FARM” with its old fashioned atmosphere located near the farm settlement Sterijino 12 km far from the municipality center. This farm is of roofed type and can accomodate 19 guests with a restaurant able to seat 60 guests.

Within the hippodrome complex there are buildings able to accomodate 12 guests. 

Accommodation is also offered by a privately-owned company «HUBERTUS» on Sencanski road with its 9 rooms for 21 guests. It is a specialised building for hunting tourisam with all additional contents. 

* Restaurant “GALIBA”
* Restaurant “LAGUNA

24430 Ada, ul. Save Kovačevića 33.

* Restaurant “STARO ZDANJE”
* Restaurant “IŠI ČARDA”
* Restaurant and motel “JELEN”

24435 Mol, Obala Tise bb.


  • Restaurant and motel “HUBERTUS”

24430 Ada, Senćanski put 45.

* Hotel “HOTEL PARK”

Trg Oslobođenja 1-3, 24430 Ada



* Restaurant “SPORT CAFFEE”

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