Municipality Ada is located in the central part of East Backa, on the right bank of the river Tisa. It occupies the area of 228,6 km2 on which about 19000 inhabitants live in 5 settlements: Ada, Mol, Sterijino, Utrine and Obornjaca. Ada has a very good geographical position that makes hunting, fishing, sport and recreation, country tourism possible.

sportThe beach in Ada is sandy and it is perhaps one of the nicest beaches on the river Tisa. There is a possibility to do different recreational and sport activities. Lately sport on water has become popular. In the vicinity of the camp there is a nicely arranged marina for smaller vessels. Within the public enterprise „ADICA“ there is a complex of pools consisting of one Olimpic pool, children’s pool and one for non-swimmers. Within the recreation center there are restaurants, children’s playgrounds , courts for volleyball, handball, football and tennis. The recently built sport pansion and trim path offer a possibility to organize bigger sport manifestation and preparation work of more days for sportsmen.

Seoski t.In the vicinity of the artificial lake Budzak in the area called KURIJA there are about ten farms which make an ethnologic attraction and a potential for developing country tourism.

The touristic offer includes the ethnological house that shows the life form of our fathers and mothers. There are different available programmes (pig killing, driving by carriage, riding and cooking traditional meals) that make the stay in the country more attractive and interesting.

Religious communities

Ada-verske zajedniceThe Roman Catholic churches in Ada and Mol are beautiful sacral structures with an interesting interior .
The orthodox church in Mol is also an attractive structure with its nice and valuable iconostasis. The orthodox church in Ada is built in a Moravsko-Bysantine style and represents a real copy of the „St George“ church in Oplenac.
The iconostasis is painted by the painter Novak Radonic from Mol.

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