The Church of Holy Asension

The Church of Holy AsensionThe Church of HolyAsension in Čurug.

During the Hungarian revolution in 1848, the old temple was ruined and the big preparations for building a new church have started in 1854.

In 1856. the license was approved and people from Čurug made contest regarding project for the new church. The project of army engineer Jozef Kraft was accepted. The church was built on September 28th, 1858. and it had only one tower. Two small towers were built afterwards, and their height was 32 m. The central tower was 55 m high and together they made an entity.

Iconostasis, with very important artistic value, was made by painter Djordje Krstić. The history of Čurug’ s bells is very long and interesting. In 1913, four bells were ordered from famous smelter Anton Novotni, who lived in Timisoara.

Four bells of extraordinary quality were smelted. The first and the third bell were removed from belfry and they were given for the war purposes in 1917. After war four new bells were made, but there was disharmony. The composer Isidor Bajić was invited to hear the bells ring and to give an advice in order to improve their sound.

We can hear the sound of these bells even now in Čurug. The bells were made by Predrag Jovanović on June, 24th 1931. There was a problem because the biggest bell had five tons, and it could not be easily allocated. Therefore the special carriers were built. The bell rang for the first time in 1934.

The big bell with ” counter G ” sound and relief of  St. George is the biggest bell on the Balkan’ s peninsula.

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