Fortress Bač

Fortress BačAt beginning of the 14th century the dynasty has changed in Hungary and Charles Robert from the Anjoy family took over the power. In that period from 1338 to 1342, he built a town (fortress) on the river Mostonga with a square tower, six storeys high, important for the town defence system.

Today it is the oldest medieval forterss in Vojvodina. The town had eight towers,rooms for the parish administrator, halls, rooms for the guards, kitchen, well, barn, etc.

Lower from the town a civil settlement was growing and  people could come to this part of the town called suburbs across a drawbridge through the gate called “Siljak” where once stood a wooden drawbridge very characteristic for that time. The fortress was put out of use after the fire and destruction at the beginning of the 17th century durinq the battles between Austria and Rakotzy rebels from 1702 – 1704.

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